Laxey Third Water Wheel

Premier Castings were commissioned to cast a third water wheel at Laxey, Isle of Man.

The building was originally a corn mill, built in the 1850″s, and was being refurbished after being derelict for a number of years. The refurbishment plan was to restore the building to its original splendour and get the water wheel fully working. With the water wheel being only 100 meters from the world famous Laxey Water Wheel, this building will show visitors a smaller scale working example. Premier Castings modified existing pattern equipment which had been previously used on a water wheel made for St Johns Mill in the Isle of Man.

The patterns were modified by local craftsmen/patternmakers. On completion the castings were assembled on site by the customer who eventually will use the water wheel to generate electricity. For more information you can watch a local TV report by clicking here.

Water Wheel being fitted

Fitted with the blades

Completed Water Wheel

St Johns Mill Water Wheel

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